Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Moon

A full moon starts its slow rise
Above the darkening east.
First snow should come soon.

Autumn winds release
Old leaves, and I am aging, too.
My frayed nerves heal in the deep chill.

I think of you, dear poet-friend:
These thoughts, my sanctuary
From the hullaballoo
Of words that make me weary--

And I no longer urge, insist, defend.

Monday, November 7, 2016

After Dylan Thomas

In my neat, ramshackle skill
Practiced in the still kitchen
Where a bland round clock ticks
And the coffee-maker coughs,
I dimly work by sixty watts
To quicken sluggish pulses,
To tickle whimpering nerves,
To delight tear-clouded eyes.

Not for neon notoriety,
Not for common dollar or dime,
Do I ply these deft, daft verses
That roar like a mouse at night
Or lisp like a lion at noon,
Not for news or notice,
Not for print, prize, or plaudit,
Do I wield this quiver of lines
With shy impertinent pen,
But for you, my distant sister,
On your porch in autumn
Taking tea as day dusks,
Or in petalled park in April
Reading bird-biographies,
Or silly in silver winter
Catching fleet-fleeced snowflakes
On the quick tip of your tongue.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Third Mug of Folgers

I'm drinking the third mug of Folgers
at 3.20 am, and "working on poetry"
by reading it: Dylan Thomas, Marilyn Hacker,

and you. Often I wish you were more prolific
of poems and e-mails, but your silences
make me cherish your words all the more:

words that live, that gladden and fortify,
pure as vespers at candle-lit St Ann's,
wiser than politicians, kinder than a blanket
knitted over long months by a loved one's hands,

calm as a cloister in this loud leap-year.

Alive in the Dead of Night

Bifocals lie on the kitchen table
with the left earpiece broken off.
I'm wearing drugstore cheaters--
better for the laptop screen.

Mr Coffee recites
his litany of drip
in black Latin.
Enough for three full mugs.

Air conditioner hums
in the next room.
TV intones
its bland Nunc Dimittis.

At 11 this morning,
Emily the Excellent
(as I've dubbed my therapist).
This afternoon,
I'll clean the apartment.

Coffee's done.

Down sleepy Route 60
a lone truck rumbles:
resolute, industrious,
headed toward sunrise.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I joked with my friend Edward
that you and I
were the Emily Dickinson
and Walt Whitman
of the 21st century! --
you, sharp-witted hymnodist
of the rarest commonplace;
I, bluster-tongued apostle
of rough-hewn exuberance.

Perhaps we're Marianne Moore
and E. E. Cummings:
you, patient recorder
of luminous taxonomies
in intricate rhyme-shy stanzas;
I, subversive formalist,
quirky playful soundsmith
not minding his p's and q's!

Or maybe I'm Robert Lowell,
electric-nerved and slightly crazed,
and you're Elizabeth Bishop,
summoning my restless soul
to the serenity of particular things,
of details carefully observed
with a deliberate, painterly eye.

But you are Elena and I am Thomas:
a circumstance which makes me very happy!

Dark Colombian Roast

A mug of Folgers dark Colombian roast;
the bright light of the kitchen, half past four.
I start to write to the poet I prize most:

You're nicer than a slice of buttered toast
sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, even more
exciting than a dark Colombian roast!

You're my dear friend. Pardon my humble boast.
(I send handwritten pages by the score
to the wise young poet who's the best! The most!)

You live 900 miles from the coast.
I just might walk the whole way to your door --
after I finish my dark Colombian roast!

Or maybe you'll come here ... and I’ll play host
in my untidy flat on the third floor
to a guest whose gentle voice I'd welcome most!

I'm pestering the gal who brings the post:
"Where is Elena's letter?" Pity poor
me, as I drink my dark Colombian roast.
(Yours are the words that gladden me the most.)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I Can't Explain Why

Silver daylight:
beads of rain shine
precarious on the tips
of bare December branches.

Dear friend, I think of you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Poet's Litany

Theodore Roethke,
bumblebee the winter.

Wystan Auden,
martini the doldrums.

Dylan Thomas,
ocean me in passion.

Estlin Cummings,
rose me in wisdom,
snow me in yes.

William Shakespeare,
sonnet me deathless.

Emily Dickinson,
bobolink the cloister.

Countee Cullen,
beauty the world
in colour and majesty.

Mary Oliver,
whitman the stones
of the timeless river.

John Keats,
drowse me in delight.

Fr Hopkins,
glory me in grandeur,
grace me in proclaim.

Miss Marianne Moore,
fable me to felicity.

Elena, dear friend,
garden me with gratitude!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Notebook: December 13

I deemed December air
electric with the imminence
of first snow. But I
was mistaken. It rained.


Stafford's advice
to cure writers' block:
Lower your standards
and keep going.


Fr Flaherty
in the confessional:
It is in our DNA
to be joyful!


Ghirardelli chocolates, a bag of popcorn,
coffee filters, a loaf of bread,
a half-gallon of milk, pre-shave lotion,
and several other things at the CVS.