Wednesday, December 16, 2015

47th Letter: I Said

I said to Theodore Roethke,
bumblebee the winter.

I said to Wystan Auden,
martini the doldrums.

I said to Dylan Thomas,
ocean me in holy passion.

I said to Estlin Cummings,
rose me in wisdom,
snow me in yes.

I said to William Shakespeare,
sonnet me immortally.

I said to Emily Dickinson,
bobolink the cloister.

I said to Countee Cullen,
beauty the world
in colour and majesty.

I said to Mary Oliver,
whitman the stones
of the timeless river.

I said to John Keats,
drowse me in delight.

I said to Fr Hopkins,
glory me in grandeur,
grace me in proclaim.

I said to Miss Moore,
fable me to felicity.

I said to Elena Lee,
garden the world
with gratitude!

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