Wednesday, July 8, 2015


the whispering nightlight
above the stove

the Byzantine chant
that emanates
from the Nativity icon

the yellow sound
of pages of a book
being carefully turned

the brash accent
of a sharp Wisconsin cheese

the happy laughter
in a sip
of peach-flavoured tea

the Italian conversation
of a great-aunt
preparing ravioli

the sultry insinuations
of a hot July breeze

the cold sarcasm
of a January wind

the consoling lull
of a knitted blanket
when the bedroom's cold

the wakeful trickle
of water darkened
by Folgers Colombian Roast

the mute sob
of the dewdrenched grass
as the sun rises

the acrid cacophony
of dumpsters and trashcans

high summer's buzzing of flies

bickering on talk shows
where the talkers
have forgotten how to listen
if they ever knew

tthe impertinent blurt
of a bad memory
from thirty years ago

rumblings of stormy weather